Audrey Herrick


Reiki Master, Reflexologist

I welcome you warmly and congratulate you for awakening your innate ability to heal.

I view health energetically.  Everything is made of energy.  In general, when the energy systems are working and flowing properly, health is attained.  When energy becomes stuck in the body, health can become compromised, and eventually dis-eased.

I work to unblock the energy and have it flowing freely again for optimal health.  All of the energy practices I use – Reiki, Reflexology, Chakra Clearing, Shaman work, all assist to remove energy blocks, clear systems, and also nourish where there is depletion.  My intent is always to support the body’s innate ability to heal. As an ultra-sensitive, I work intuitively and empathically in addition to various trainings I have learned to help you return to a complete and natural state of health.

Did you know that the body wants to be well?  The body’s highest state is of clarity – clarity of mind, body, emotions, and spirituality – with no interference or blockages of any kind.  This clarity allows for all energies to flow in and out of the body with ease.

I see you – in your highest potential and hold you in this light of health. I am here to help you achieve all that you are meant to be.

Energy Medicine is the way of the future.  I’m seeing there is nothing Energy Medicine can’t help heal today.

I believe in helping everyone attain balance, clarity and empowerment.

I believe whatever level of healing you need – relief from migraines, healing a broken bone, clearing the voices you hear in your head, or healing trauma from 35 years ago, these healing practices can help you.

People either operate from a love vibration or a fear vibration.  The energy work I do helps remove past and current fear patterning and programming and to choose a higher frequency – more open and natural state of love – health.  Love for yourself and others.  When the body is operating at this high level of frequency, there isn’t room for fear or lower, stagnant energies, and thus the energy systems in the body attain health.

I believe LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe.