I have been to many, many healing arts practitioners, but there is something that sets Audrey apart from all of them. Audrey speaks from her heart. I feel safe, inspired, and encouraged with Audrey. There is a sense of innate spiritual knowledge that paves the way for health and joy. I feel such abundance from Audrey's intuitive knowledge. Her use of words and analogies are right there to help you understand how energy works.


Audrey is amazing! After a healing session with her, I feel more rested than I ever have in my life! Even after a long night's sleep, I never feel as good as after a session with her. I want everyone I know to have a piece of Audrey!


I wanted to write a testimonial so that others can understand the impact Audrey has had on my health, well-being, and life. I met her a few years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As someone who cannot stomach an aspirin, I was overwhelmed with the concept of chemotherapy. I also had bilateral mastectomies and had an enormous amount of pain from that. Audrey guided me through my treatments and made an awful situation more than tolerable. She makes a huge difference in my life and the lives of others. She does not have a large ego about this, so I am attempting to be that voice of her greatness. She has much knowledge, compassion, and, of course, healing power. I am always amazed at how great I feel during and after a Reiki treatment from her. I highly recommend that you get her on your team for your healing regime!


About 18 months ago I came to Awaken seeking help for neck pain due to an injury and was introduced to Audrey who offered to
perform a little Reiki healing. Never having experienced Reiki before, I thought why not? I was lying on my stomach at the time and during this short healing Audrey put her hands on my back. I could not see her hands and thought she must be using some kind of heating pads. When I asked about it she casually replied that that was the Reiki Energy I was feeling. That was interesting!! I left the office that day feeling that something very special had occurred. I thought then and there that this was something I had to experience further. So, I booked an hour session with Audrey a few weeks later. The second session was a combination of reflexology and Reiki and I couldn't remember when I felt so peaceful in mind and spirit and relaxed in the body. An altogether wonderful experience and the best part is the effects of the session lingered on days afterwards. They always linger on. I've made it a practice now to come back about every three weeks since then and I can surely say that the cumulative effects of doing this work has made a difference in my thinking about energy and how it really influences every aspect of our lives. We are energy - everything is energy - we live in a sea of energy. The frequency of energy we hold in our thoughts and bodies determines our health and well being. Managing our energy is managing our lives. This is what is addressed at Awaken. These are some of the things I had only read about until I began to feel it during the Energy Work with Audrey. It's palpable during a session. You feel things happening! Audrey does an energy scan at the beginning of a session and she'll tell me where I have pain or where energy is stuck and she's invariably right. It amazes me that she can do that. If there is an emotional component involved she has picked up on that too. I've also gotten to know Audrey during these sessions. I know that healing is her life's work and she is dedicated to it. She loves what she does and has a passion to heal and assist others. Audrey is a person of great integrity and carries a very high frequency of positivity, compassion, love and light. This is what makes her work so special. So, visit Audrey at Awaken and see for yourself. During en energy healing session I "felt" her energetically cut a chord and it was like someone actually cut a taut string a few inches above my back. That was interesting. I have also felt movement under the skin while she is working under the rib on the right side. Audrey is an inspiration to anyone interested in Healing, Energy Work and Consciousness.


I met Audrey Herrick about a year ago now. It was a chance encounter; our meeting one another I now believe “was supposed to happen”!
I have been going to Audrey for Reiki and Reflexology sessions monthly and I can say it is the most important 1 to 1 1/2 hours. The calm and relaxation that flows over me for the days and weeks after is just amazing. I own my own business that assists families and law firms to settle estates, so as you can guess…………some days are real stressful!!!
The time I spend at her office really does bring me inner peace and I would recommend Audrey’s work without any hesitations or reservations what so ever!!


My daughter has not been feeling much like herself lately and Audrey Casey Herrick from Awaken Healing Arts, "AHA" spent some time with her. She picked up something within five minutes that I had missed and so did the Doctors!!! With Audrey's help the Doctors are now able to schedule the correct tests! It takes a village to raise a child and I am so grateful that Audrey is a part of our little village.


Since I became sick seven months ago, I have seen a myriad of doctors and specialists. Everyone that I saw had an opinion and a suggested regime of dos and don’ts, yet none of them were able to view my illness holistically or connect the dots of my many symptoms and therefore I did not get better. However, every time I went to see Audrey I felt calm and at ease. She never tried to push anything and therefore her suggestions were always welcome. Audrey has a remarkable ability to pick up on what the body needs and where it needs the most support. After every session I would feel more settled, less anxious, and more at home in my own skin, which, for someone dealing with chronic illness is about the biggest gift you can be given. My appointments at Awaken Healing Arts did not cause me stress or anxiety because I knew that I was in safe hands and could trust Audrey completely. She has helped me more than I can say through what has been a really hard moment in my life. Her gentleness, kindness, inquisitiveness and sharp instincts are unparalleled and I feel lucky that I have the opportunity to work with her.


I have known Audrey for the past few years and she has taught me so much. Through her Reiki Level I class, I learned how to heal others and myself. Before that, she has treated me multiple times for sports injuries using Reiki, Reflexology and Energy Work. Her work not only sped up my recovery drastically but it also helped balance me mentally. The most important thing I have learned from her is how important it is to balance the physical and mental body. The results will surprise you and change your life. Audrey is an extremely gifted and caring person. If you want help she will be glad to assist.


Audrey is someone I like to think of as a spiritual guide. She helps me to become grounded and explore my natural abilities. I originally started seeing her about three years ago to help with my digestion. I remember the first session; it was amazing. I felt the energy surge through and heal me. My only thought was that I have to learn how to do this. Since then our friendship has grown and she has become both a teacher and mentor. The most important lesson that I have learned, is not to be afraid. Acceptance on the surface seems like an easy task but, fully integrating acceptance of who you are is a feat. I am still working on this, but working with her has enabled me to become the person I want to be. She is truly gifted at what she does and is an excellent resource that I am constantly referring back to.


Audrey has a very healing touch. It is always a nurturing experience with Audrey. As soon as she puts her hands on me, I feel instantly able to release stress. I put myself in Audrey’s hands and it’s a really nice feeling. It was really easy to have instant trust with Audrey. I open up and am able to receive deep healing work. Reflexology is so good for my organs. I was skeptical about Reiki and in the first session I had the most blissful sleep. As soon as Audrey’s hands were on me I just melted.
You never realize how much something hurts until it stops hurting. That’s how it is for me at Awaken Healing Arts. I always have this amazing feeling after a session. I recommend coming in weekly for maintenance. It’s like brushing your teeth daily – you’ll take care of your teeth every day so you should take care of your entire body at least once a week. It’s so important! What works best for me is having more frequent shorter sessions.


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